Eating Out Paleo :: Pacific Northwest

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Eating Out PNWAll those who follow the paleo lifestyle will admit to the fact that finding restaurant options that serve paleo inspired dishes is quite hard, if not impossible. Lots of “no ____” or “Can you substitute _____ for _____’s” is the name of the game when choosing options off of a regular menu.

I’m hoping to find eateries in the Pacific Northwest that have options on their menu specifically inspired for those who eat paleo. Below are a list of restaurants I will be researching and sharing about on future blog posts (other than dicks kitchen, which I have already eaten at twice and previously blogged about).

Caveman Convenience in Spokane, WA

Dicks Kitchen in Portland, OR

Eat Outside the Box – Seattle, WA

Lola in Seattle, WA

Great Harvest Bread Company in Kennewick, WA


I am so excited to explore these restaurant options, and hopefully in the near future have the privilege to eat at their storefronts. Not only would I like to try these places, but I know there are online start-ups of paleo making foodies that I want to find. Please pass along any names of businesses you think I should explore and I’ll do my best to report back my findings!



Paleo In A Package

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Eating raw can be a lot of work. Hard work. In an attempt to get away from packaged foods which are full of preservatives, sugars, and ingredients it would take a stack of dictionaries to pronounce their names, the paleo way is a hands on make it yourself lifestyle. This can be tiring and disappointing, especially for those who have little time available to be slaving away in their kitchen. So, for those of you who understand how difficult it can be and to those of you just getting started with this way of eating, I have some great news for you! As I was out running errands today I happened to be in TJ Maxx. Browsing their food isle, I was delighted to find several paleo packaged food options! Now, this might sound like an oxymoron, but I assure you, I am telling the truth.

One of the products I bought to try was made by Laughing Giraffe Organics, and my one complaint is that instead of using maple syrup or honey as a sweetener, they chose agave. Now, I’m my humble opinion, agave isn’t the worst choice, but it’s also not the best and it’s definitely not categorized as “paleo”. With that aside, their Pineapple Snakaroons were phenomenal and made with raw ingredients (other than agave).

Another find was salted plantain chips…no sugar added. To.Die.For! The brand, Turbana, uses simple ingredients to make a delicious product. I bought their lightly salted Plantain Chips, but TJ Maxx had at least two other flavors – Chile Lime and Sweet (not paleo sweetner). I opted for the lightly salted as the other options had small amounts of non-paleo sugar added.

Other items I saw there were chia seeds, products from Two Mom’s in the Raw, fine ground flax seeds, organic cocoa powder, coconut oil supplements and nut and seed clusters. This might not be an exhaustive list as I’m going off of memory, needless to say, I was over the top excited!

So, if you lead a busy life whether it be with a career, running kids around, school, athletics or church and need some easy energy food, take a look at your local TJ Maxx. I know I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

Eating Out Paleo :: Portland

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Planning a trip to Portland? Live locally and need a fresh idea on places to eat? Enjoy grass fed beef, in house fermented veggies, coconut milk milkshakes that are customize able , tart strawberry lemonade, paleo dining options?

Dick’s Kitchen, with two locations to choose from, is all that and more. Hearing good reviews about this diner inspired guilt free eatery that has paleo eats on the menu didn’t need a second encouragement for me to give it a whirl. From friendly customer service that made my boyfriend and I feel like the only people being served to a unique location in an old and hipster artsy neighborhood, Dick’s Kitchen was far from disappointing.

I had one of their grass fed burgers called – “THE ELVIS” PIMENTO CHEESE BURGER – House made Pimento Cheese ( though not paleo) was a splurge over the top worth it. In place of a bun – butter lettuce leaves. Also, a side of yam not-fries (baked) and their tart lemonade with strawberries complimented my meal to perfection.

Go.Eat Well.No Guilt.Repeat

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Paleo Protien Powder – Julian Bakery

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Protein powder


Trying a whole new approach to blogging today. I’m going to review a product I’ve been wanting to try and finally splurged so that I could make it a reality*. I’ve been in the market for a good protein powder that wouldn’t taste like someone had made powder out of pieces of chalk, colored and lightly flavored it and then made you pay an arm and a leg for it. If your in the same boat as me, look no further! I’ve found what is possibly my most favorite protein drink yet.


Coming from Julian Bakery in California, their Paleo Protein Powder made out of Egg Whites is phenomenal. It’s light chocolate flavor is refreshing and it still gives you a sweet kick even though it’s only got one gram of sugar in it. It’s sweetness comes from stevia, which personally I don’t like the flavor of, but in this it is quite nice with only a slight after taste. I’ve only made one shake so far, recipe to follow, and it was superb. I felt refreshed and satisfied. The price is a bit steep in my opinion, but if used for a meal replacement it isn’t to bad. Maybe cut out buying a coffee or two a week instead. Also, if your using it primarily for weight loss and need a protein drink to get you over a weight your stuck at, comparatively the price average to other protein powders.


With the protein coming from egg whites and slightly sweetened with stevia, Julian Bakeries Paleo Chocolate Egg White Protein will not disappoint with 20g of protein, 1g of sugar, 1g of carbohydrate and only 103 calories in a serving. My blood sugar levels were more stable than normal, I had more energy, and felt full longer. This is a product I  would highly recommend.



*****Paleo Nana-Choconut Protein Smoothie*****
   *one cup canned coconut milk   * half banana
   * 1/2-3/4 cup ice cubes
   * 1 tbsp cocao powder
   * 1 scoop Paleo Chocolate Egg White Protein



*I was not paid or asked to do this product review. This was done for the benefit of others looking for an honest review on a paleo protein powder.

**Photo taken from Julian Bakeries web page



Cauliflower Pizza Crust :: Is All the Rage Accurate?

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Has anyone else noticed that all the rage in the paleo world for pizza crust made out of cauliflower? Maybe not even just the paleo world but in the whole eating, low carb realm in general. Skeptical would be putting it lightly for me if you were to have asked me what my thoughts were on such an idea. That is, until I tried it for myself after hearing my mom proclaim that all her co-workers were raging that they enjoyed it and actually really liked it.

I am here to give you my take on this new phenomenon called, Cauliflower Pizza Crust, which, after making and trying it, I must say exceeded on most levels my low expectations. Now, first off I’d like to throw out a disclaimer for the recipe we used: it was by far not 100% paleo/primal in that it was made with cheese. Now, regardless of what the true paleo followers say and proclaim about eating totally clean by eating only those things our primal ancestors would have eaten, for myself I have decided that on occasion and in moderation it’s okay to consume certain foods not normally associated with this way of eating. Okay, so there you have my stance…onto pizza crusts!


First off, I’d like to note that if your expecting a crispy, crunchy, bready crust a cauliflower crust won’t give you that. What it will give you is a mild to non-existent vegetable flavor, partly chewy, moderately flavorful, and lightly filling resemblance of a true pizza crust. Would I eat it again? Yes, especially with a little tweaking to the recipe we used. Is it filling? Not as much as a normal pizza crust, but then it was nice to feel like I could go back for another piece and not feel guilty. Is it good left over? Definitely not my favorite, still edible, but definitely more gooey than I would prefer.

Okay, so there’s my take on cauliflower pizza crust. What are some things I would do differently next time?

~ Use a cheese cloth the strain the extra water out of the cauliflower after it had been cooked and mashed

~ Add Italian seasons and garlic powder in the crust mix before baking

~ Make sure the edges aren’t thin compared to the center of the pizza, they tend to burn easily

~ Brush lightly with coconut oil in order to get the top of the crust to get more crispy

~ Possibly try goat cheese rather than mozzarella in the crust. Again, not totally paleo, but that wasn’t what I was going for with this.

Also note, we used a round stone bakeware to cook the crust and pizza on, I would highly suggest this as it helps


Once I make this again and try my new ideas, I will be sure to post pictures and a recipe I come up with that actually tastes the way I want it to. In the mean time, give it a try yourself and don’t be afraid to use a veggie in a non-conventional way!


*Also, forgive the lack of pictures on this post…we ate the pizza before I could grab my camera!