Joys of Juicing

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Recently, I was encouraged to purchase a juicer which would allow me to get condensed amounts of nutrients and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in a single glass of home made, freshly pressed, colorful and (usually) tasty juice. (Look on your local craigslist for a lightly used juicer if you don’t want to pay full price.) In order to take it a step further, I was challenged to do a juice fast during the same time as two of my close friends who were both committing to start January 4th for 30 days. A bit leary of the whole thing because of how juice can play so much with your blood sugars, I did some investigating. Two of my favorite health bloggers, Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. Ben Kim, are proponents of cleansing and detoxifying your body by juicing. This was enough encouragement to get me started, at least for doing 10 days of juicing.

In order to keep your blood sugars level fruits, carrots, and red beets should not make up more than one-third of the contents in your glass. Harder said than done, but definitely doable.

If your following a paleo lifestyle, a juice cleanse will probably be much easier to begin and maintain. Coming right off the Holidays and having eased up on my healthy eating routine, I decided to ease myself into the cleanse a day before. I began by cutting all caffeine, dairy products (at that time only cream from grass fed cows used in my coffee) and sugar. Thankful I did as I experienced a slight headache that afternoon into the evening due to cutting the caffeine out, which I knew would happen.

Day One

Having juiced the night before for breakfast and lunch, it was a breeze getting ready for work in the morning. Throwing a couple jars of juice and a bag of herbal tea into your lunch bag is as easy as 1-2-3.

*Breakfast – half a quart of a citrus based juice

* Lunch – quart of greens and beets (I made a bad combination that ended up tasting like dirt)

* Dinner – half a quart of green apple, orange, spinach, celery and ginger

Detox – other than craving actual food, my detox symptoms were mild. I was pretty cold throughout the entire day, partially due to the frigid temperatures outside, but also because when you cleanse your body isn’t working to digest foods which encourages heat production.

Day Two 

Again, I juiced my breakfast and lunch the night before, storing the juice in glass mason jars with the lids tightly screwed on and the jars filled to as close to the top as possible so that it would have less opportunity to oxidize.

*Breakfast – half a quart of  various greens, orange, romaine lettuce, ginger

* Lunch – half a quart of acorn squash, kale, apple, broccoli

* Dinner – half a quart of tomato, onion, cilantro, carrot, celery, kale, garlic + a half glass of apple, orange, celery, spinach

Detox – My body seemed to be warmer this day, which was a nice relief. I experienced a slight headache that evening and throughout the day I felt more hungry. Drinking water helped the hunger cravings go away.

(Because I don’t want to stop living life when I get together with other people, I drank half a bottle of kombucha while hanging out with a friend. You’ve gotta make it fit your lifestyle in order to be successful. Choose healthy *cheat* options)

Throughout the past couple of days I’ve reminded myself of these key thoughts: I’m doing this in order to have a healthier body that will allow me to live life more fully +Hunger isn’t bad, I won’t starve + All I have is from the Lord, I’m being a steward of my body and need to view this as an opportunity to give glory to the Lord by allowing me the resources to do this.




Healthy Choices Today::Happier Tomorrow

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choices quote

The choices we make with our health today will assuredly effect your life tomorrow. Now maybe not literally the hours following the day your living now, but future tomorrows. I’m here to encourage you to start your journey OR continue your path towards finding health. It’s not always easy, but nothing worth its weight in gold comes easily! Here’s some ideas to get you back in the game of being a more healthy you!

– When you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water instead of grabbing a snack

– Craving something sugary/sweet? Choose berries, apples, pomegranates, or other delicious fruit instead of a processed treat

Kale chips are a GREAT substitute for potato chips

– Try eating an avocado for breakfast or lunch. Adding more healthy fats and eating less sugar will help curb your cravings and make you feel full longer

– Cook with coconut oil rather than olive oil which breaks down into an unhealthy fat when heated at high temps

– Add coconut oil into your breakfast smoothie before you blend it

– Try a new vegetable this summer

Paleo Protien Powder – Julian Bakery

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Protein powder


Trying a whole new approach to blogging today. I’m going to review a product I’ve been wanting to try and finally splurged so that I could make it a reality*. I’ve been in the market for a good protein powder that wouldn’t taste like someone had made powder out of pieces of chalk, colored and lightly flavored it and then made you pay an arm and a leg for it. If your in the same boat as me, look no further! I’ve found what is possibly my most favorite protein drink yet.


Coming from Julian Bakery in California, their Paleo Protein Powder made out of Egg Whites is phenomenal. It’s light chocolate flavor is refreshing and it still gives you a sweet kick even though it’s only got one gram of sugar in it. It’s sweetness comes from stevia, which personally I don’t like the flavor of, but in this it is quite nice with only a slight after taste. I’ve only made one shake so far, recipe to follow, and it was superb. I felt refreshed and satisfied. The price is a bit steep in my opinion, but if used for a meal replacement it isn’t to bad. Maybe cut out buying a coffee or two a week instead. Also, if your using it primarily for weight loss and need a protein drink to get you over a weight your stuck at, comparatively the price average to other protein powders.


With the protein coming from egg whites and slightly sweetened with stevia, Julian Bakeries Paleo Chocolate Egg White Protein will not disappoint with 20g of protein, 1g of sugar, 1g of carbohydrate and only 103 calories in a serving. My blood sugar levels were more stable than normal, I had more energy, and felt full longer. This is a product I  would highly recommend.



*****Paleo Nana-Choconut Protein Smoothie*****
   *one cup canned coconut milk   * half banana
   * 1/2-3/4 cup ice cubes
   * 1 tbsp cocao powder
   * 1 scoop Paleo Chocolate Egg White Protein



*I was not paid or asked to do this product review. This was done for the benefit of others looking for an honest review on a paleo protein powder.

**Photo taken from Julian Bakeries web page