Eating Out Paleo :: Pacific Northwest

All those who follow the paleo lifestyle will admit to the fact that finding restaurant options that serve paleo inspired dishes is quite hard, if not impossible. Lots of "no ____" or "Can you substitute _____ for _____'s" is the name of the game when choosing options off of a regular menu. I'm hoping to [...]

Paleo Lemon Bars – Recipe Review

    I've decided to take a different route today and share with you a new favorite recipe I made this last week-end...paleo lemon bars! Before I started to change the way I eat, this was one of my most favorite desserts, so therefore, when I found a good substitute recipe, I was excited! I found [...]

P.F. Changs //Paleo// Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Crispy lettuce, savory chicken (or turkey), and healthy to boot! These lettuce wraps are by far one of my most favorite meals....and I think their flavor alone rivals the original from P.F. Changs. Once eaten, you'll crave more! Recipe* 16 Butter lettuce leaves 1 lb. Ground turkey 5 oz. mushrooms 1/3 cup scallions, chopped 4-5 [...]