:: I’m a born and raised small town girl who lives in the Pacific Northwest with a love for the big city. I like Birkenstocks and high heels, hiking and photography, flannel shirts and cute dresses, cold streams and glamorous shopping malls, hefty hamburgers and petite fours.:: Home schooled all the way through high school, I earned a love of all things kLauraitchen by watching my mom create delicious home made goods.:: During college, I took a two year adventure to sunny Southern California where I attended The Master’s College and graduated with my B.A.:: Needing to get my health back after two years of cafeteria food and multiple In-n-Out runs, I did some research and found out about the Paleo way of eating. Now that I am back in my beloved Pacific Northwest I hope I can give you just a taste of the wonderful life it is up here. I hope to find all the small paleo friendly eateries, start-up businesses and like minded foodies in order to blog about all things paleo in the Pacific Northwest.::

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