Paleo In A Package

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Eating raw can be a lot of work. Hard work. In an attempt to get away from packaged foods which are full of preservatives, sugars, and ingredients it would take a stack of dictionaries to pronounce their names, the paleo way is a hands on make it yourself lifestyle. This can be tiring and disappointing, especially for those who have little time available to be slaving away in their kitchen. So, for those of you who understand how difficult it can be and to those of you just getting started with this way of eating, I have some great news for you! As I was out running errands today I happened to be in TJ Maxx. Browsing their food isle, I was delighted to find several paleo packaged food options! Now, this might sound like an oxymoron, but I assure you, I am telling the truth.

One of the products I bought to try was made by Laughing Giraffe Organics, and my one complaint is that instead of using maple syrup or honey as a sweetener, they chose agave. Now, I’m my humble opinion, agave isn’t the worst choice, but it’s also not the best and it’s definitely not categorized as “paleo”. With that aside, their Pineapple Snakaroons were phenomenal and made with raw ingredients (other than agave).

Another find was salted plantain chips…no sugar added. To.Die.For! The brand, Turbana, uses simple ingredients to make a delicious product. I bought their lightly salted Plantain Chips, but TJ Maxx had at least two other flavors – Chile Lime and Sweet (not paleo sweetner). I opted for the lightly salted as the other options had small amounts of non-paleo sugar added.

Other items I saw there were chia seeds, products from Two Mom’s in the Raw, fine ground flax seeds, organic cocoa powder, coconut oil supplements and nut and seed clusters. This might not be an exhaustive list as I’m going off of memory, needless to say, I was over the top excited!

So, if you lead a busy life whether it be with a career, running kids around, school, athletics or church and need some easy energy food, take a look at your local TJ Maxx. I know I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.


Coconut Maple Plantains

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   Plantains are a one of those vegetables I’ve never known much about. Growing up we never ate them and I hardly knew what they were until I was introduced to them in the form of fried plantain chips about two years ago. I loved what I tasted. Since then, I’ve tried making them myself and wasn’t successful until I used this recipe.

Used in a lot of Caribbean foods, plantains are in the banana family and contain several essential nutrients. Because they are carbohydrate dense though, it is suggested you use them only as a treat or if you are particularly active. Plantains ripen in three different stages differentiated by their color: Green (least ripe), yellow (medium ripe), and black (very ripe). *Note* a black plantain is still good! Black does not mean over ripe like a banana, instead it shows they have reached their sweetest stage.

plantain collage

  ~  Coconut Maple Plantains ~

2 mostly black plantains

1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

1TBSP ground flax seed

1 egg

1TBSP maple syrup

1/4 cup coconut oil

1. cut plantains into 1/2 – 3/4 inch rounds

2. beat egg in medium sized bowl then add maple syrup. Stir.

3. Combine shredded coconut and ground flax seed in a separate bowl

4. Heat coconut oil on low-medium heat (depends on your stove) in skillet.
Once the oil crackles when you sprinkle a drop of water on it, you know it’s ready.

4. Dip plantain in egg mixture, then coat with the shredded coconut. Place coated plantains into
the hot oil making sure not to overcrowd the skillet (very very important). 5-6 rounds is probably the maximum amount at one time.
Cook 2-3 minutes on each side. The plantain will turn a darker yellow when fully cooked.

5. Place plantains on a plate that has been covered with a napkin in order to soak up any extra oil.

*These can be deliciously served with melted dark chocolate mixed with a small amount of coconut oil then drizzled over the plantains.